Game Currency – A Simple Explanation

Game Currency – A Simple Explanation
Game currency is actual currency you could use to purchase modes of play, game items and
even in-game services for your online game account. Some gamers refer to this digital currency
as virtual cash or credits, and some call it in-world currency or virtual coins. In the world of online
games Hero Park, virtual in-world currency or game currency is often referred to as virtual money. In online
role playing games, virtual money often has special properties, such as being able to be traded
and used like regular currency in the real world.

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The purpose of using game currency is not to purchase items with real money hero park coin, but to gain
access to certain virtual items for free while playing the game. In most video games, these are
called ‘unlimited free gifts’, or UFGs. While playing a video game, the player may enter a battle
against an opponent and choose ‘unlimited free gifting’. When winning the battle, the player will
get the previously won UFG.
Another way to use game currency in the virtual world is when buying certain in-game items with
real money, you are limited to purchases for that currency only. However, if you use a specific
UFG for purchasing something, then you can do whatever you want with that item – sell it, give it
away, or use it again in the future. The potential scenarios are endless.
In MMORPGs ( massively multiplayer online role playing games ), or massively multi-player
online role playing games, players compete with each other for control of virtual items or game
currency. Players can obtain this currency by winning battles, crafting rare or valuable items,
trading it with other players, or even reselling it. Of course, not all players participate in these
activities. There are others who engage in currency trading to acquire more gold, rare metals, or
other valuables than they need to engage in real-life trading for. Other players, referred to as
bots, use soft currency or non-real money to buy low and sell high, while profiting from the

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Soft currency and i.e. in game currency differs in terms of how it gets acquired and used. Some
MMORPGs use an existing in game currency system, while other games use guild currency, or a
“guild fund”. Guild currency functions similarly to in game currency. However, unlike in game
currency, which is used and replenished every time the game ends and/or a new player joins,
guild currency can be re-used, traded, or sold whenever a member of the guild quits, starts a
new character, or leaves the game.
Although it appears that, in terms of gameplay, there is little difference between the two, in fact
this difference has great impact on the success or failure of the game. As stated earlier, in game
currency buys and sells (in real life) only gold and rare metals, while the soft currency
transactions involve both gold and other valuable currencies. Therefore, if you are an avid player
who wants to earn lots of gold, but you don’t like doing so in real life, then try out the online
world. You’ll see that the game currency market is much more lucrative and enjoyable, even if it
is only semi-real money.

Game Currency – A Simple Explanation

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